Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Duncan: Landscape taste as a symbol of group identity

What do I understand from Duncan’s text?
That separation exists in society (men in general I will add), mainly conceptual, but that find they way of expression and are reflected in the way we act, live, communicate, relate to others. Rules of “engagement”, mechanisms of defense (defend our values, ideas, safety, assets, family but mainly ourselves!)
That these actions are evident in the way we construct our life as well as we construct our cities and homes.
What are the connections to Bickford’s text?
That we have use and abuse the “enforcement” of our liberty in the way we live, and have overlap into the liberties of others. That this is not a fare game, but an unequal fight were the ones who possess the resources have the system working on his favor (this in my opinion – the fight of classes – will be ok, because that is what humans are going to do – our nature -, but need to have fare rules of engagement!)
That the danger of not providing “equal” places of encounter separate the groups and alienate the society creating parts that grow separately with the danger of social chaos!
The reality that in this culture, many of the decisions thru time have been made “to ensure” or “favor” the “economical prosperity of cities - neighborhoods” (thru non democratic politics) and (as much as water flows down stream) finally creating returns for the people who has the resources!

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