Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Intensive midweek comment

Many questions have been removed, many expectations fulfill and others “tailored”. It has been so important to finally meet the classmates, professors and the school; recognize personalities and create affinities.
I am still trying to keep in mind all the intentions, goals and purpose of the program without forgetting and leaving on the side mine (some of them parallel, some of them not quite the same)
All the information, problems and exercises, have been very introspective to me and they have proved to challenge my professional practice and my personal life.
What worries me is that I might have come to the program with so define personal program that I might not precisely find what I am looking for and therefore attempt to conform to avoid conflict.
There is a lot of stuff going on, and is fore sure that the intensive week as been “very intensive”. Boston has been great: beautiful city!
Looking forward to finish the semester to have a more “global” view and opinion of the program as a whole!


Amr Raafat said...

I agree with you Gus,

Its a VERY intensive week. enjoyable but intensive, i wish we had more time here in Boston, so we have 2 weeks per semester rather than 1 week, then the intense may be less.
I understand that 2 weeks might be hard to fullfill, but the experience so far is being so useful and I am learning alot, from my professors as well as learning alot from my fellow travelers classmates!


Herb Childress said...

It's interesting to think of how "our" curriculum can be shaped to fit your goals. You're already a person with great interests and much knowledge; your task (all of our tasks, all of the time) is to take new ideas and blend them with what we already know and do and are, to make something even greater.