Saturday, September 15, 2007

I have “restructured” my original research

After some research and feedback, I think I have “restructured” my original research frame. I think this has give me (and is giving me) a better understanding of what I want. Setting some order of thought and coherence in the relations of the ideas:
“Function of an architect within a community;
The hearth of Architecture”
Is not about the brick is about the man
Is not about the space is about the family who occupies the space
Is not abut design that changes lives, but design that complements life

To be the bridge between the dream and reality
Interpreter of the collective desire
The connector between the private life and public life

Poor education
Focusing in technology but not in social responsibility and service
Develop the brain we miss the hearth
We are educating “prima donas”
Human aspect selfishness – self gratification
They produce mentally business man
Proficiency, economics and egomania have taken over the profession
Because of it architecture is a luxury product

The favored circle
We serve the powerful and the fluent
We prostitute our profession
Because of it makes it the bully and not a pacifier

Things to do:
Research plans of study of architecture schools (top ten)
Mission statement

Columbia University
Cooper union
University of Pennsylvania
U C Berkley
Rice University
Yale University
University of Notradame

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